My view – Perspectives




2 Responses to “My view – Perspectives”

  1. nick Says:


    I love these drawings. I like how you use the pencil so loosely. In freshman year I did the same things as you…I kept drawing my window over and over again. But instead of drawing the view, I would end up drawing everything around the window–the light, the shadows, the walls, the curtains…

    I hope you post more of these! What type of pencil are you using? Is it charcoal?

  2. Amplitud Visible Says:

    Nick, thanks for your feedback!

    Those drawings are peculiar in several ways.
    I used a random propelling pencil that I had (#2; 0.7mm).
    I don’t know anything about drawing. That was the first time I draw something that looks the way I intended…..exactly how I was perceiving it; that really captured what I was feeling in my head…….
    I did it on a page that had something printed on the other side; I drew very fast; trying to put the image of what I was seeing through my eyes on the paper almost without touching the paper; as if I wanted the image to make a loose impression on the sheet by itself.

    I have a few more of the view and another one of the living room as seen from my room that I drew a few days ago. I’ll try to post it.

    For some reason this house makes me want to draw everything in and outside of it.

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