(I discovered her in the NYC subway)

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Monday, January 22, 2007


Everyone dreads scars. I just got my navel pierced, and after a few days I hated it so I took it out. Now I have a tiny scar. I hate it. It’s something I’ve thought a lot about, scars. I have a lot of them, I’m pretty fearless when it comes to things like…oh say…fire, and on top of that I’m a tomboy, so I’ve got more than my share of scars.
And now, I think of internal scars.
They are all symbols, that I’ve lived life. Would I rather be trapped in an emotionless banal existence, or would I rather be out there in the world, learning from my mistakes and having things to remind me of the lessons I learned.
We want to be pure, untouched, unhurt, but the bad things come with living life. Wounds. We get them, and they heal. Hearts heal, wounds heal. I’d rather be fearless and live my life.

Posted by susancagle Feb 7, 2007 11:38 am

The Subway recordings


NENA DACONTE          

(I discovered them through a friend of hers).


La mayor parte de los fracasos nos vienen por querer adelantar la hora de los éxitos (Amado Nervo).

                Kendall Payne

(I discovered her through Grey’s Anatomy).

Paper Skin.


What I’ve learned about these defining moments, (like having a song featured on Grey’s Anatomy) is that they don’t define me anymore. For so many people, these moments do define them. And maybe in the past they would have defined me. But now, through all the ups and downs of the music business and the spiritual, emotional and relational growth I’ve endured, I am infinitely more comfortable being defined by the small seemingly insignificant moments.

I’m starting to believe that “the winner” is just the last one standing, and if nothing more, I can say this with full confidence… I’m still standing. (Kendall Payne)

JOSHUA RADIN   (I found it in Grey’s Anatomy’s Soundtrack)


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