Lisba. Who would understand?



Today my dog died. She had just turned eleven. We got her when I was in my last year of high school but the past five years I’ve been living abroad. If there is one thing I have been missing these years it’s her.



She was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago. The disease was at a very advanced stage. Her regular vet did not get the right diagnosis. She’s been sick for the past year and the vet kept saying it was cystitis. I knew my dog was not feeling alright so I insisted that my parents take her to another vet. Finally they did that around Christmas time and the new vet said it was diabetes and that she had had it at least for the past eight months. She went on special food and got shots of insulin every morning. I thought that was the end of the problem. But for the past three months she kept getting sick: colds and other viruses. The vet said it was because her immune system was pretty damaged. Since then she kept going on and off spending her nights at the animal hospital.


A week ago she had to go to the hospital again. My parents went every afternoon to visit her. Can you imagine how she felt? She hated the vet. Even when she went to get a bath she would shake before going in and refused to enter. When we picked her up from the bath session she would look really upset at us for having let her go through that experience. So she must have felt like crap spending day and night over there. Apparently most dogs slept in cages so that they would not fight each other but my dog was so tame that they let her sleep free. There was this other dog who had just had a leg amputated due to a tumour and would also spend the night outside of the cages. The nurse told my mother that in the mornings she found the two of them, my dog and the one with the missing leg, sleeping side by side. As my mother was telling me this story a few days ago I suddenly imagined these scenes from movies about the Holocaust and the concentration camps came to my mind; especially ‘Life is beautiful’. I thought how even in the most sordid circumstances a faint ray of light can come inside our lives. I felt slightly relieved that she did not spend her last nights alive completely alone.


Today my mother called and said she had died. The vet had told them that she was getting very sick and the best thing was to put her to sleep instead of letting her agonize. (For people they use morphine until they die by themselves but that’s not the case with dogs). So my mother and father rushed to the animal hospital to be with her as she was dying. Apparently they waited until my brother was able to get there a bit later and when he got in the room, my dog, Lisba, moved her tail. Then they put this liquid into the saline solution she had been injected with these days which made her sleepy and then they put the liquid that made her die. As I was coming today out of the subway to meet some people for dinner I was wondering whether by some chance at that moment she thought of me.














9 Responses to “Lisba. Who would understand?”

  1. Jose Says:

    …, aunque nunca he tenido perro, intento imaginar cuan significativo y triste es perder un testigo tan cercano y significativo en tu vida.., desde que te conocí Lisba te acompañaba y ella también formaba parte de nuestros coloquios y compartía en la mayoría de las veces nuestros momentos…, para mí Lisba formaba parte de tí y por lo tanto, un poquito de mí también se pone encantó conocerla y sobre todo compartir contigo lo mucho que te gustaba que estuviera cerca de tí…,


  2. kat Says:

    acabo de terminar la pelicula que hicieron de la insoportable levedad, y me recuerda de karenin. aww! pobrecitas…

  3. AmplitudVisible Says:

    Se me había olvidado completamente que muere el perro en la Insoportable….me está viniendo ahora la imagen de cuando lo leí. Creo que sí… la sensación de mi post es parecida a la de Kundera…

  4. Maria OZ Says:

    Ana, hace mucho tiempo que no entraba y acabo de leer esto, lo siento mucho.

  5. Barco Amarte Says:

    y una pequeña parte de tí se fue con ella……
    y en cada pérdida de nuestra vida una parte nuestra desaparecerá, hasta que desaparezcamos por completo llevándonos partes pequeñas de cada ser que compartió alguna cosa con nosotros….por pequeña que sea…o por grande que sea.
    Un beso grande.

  6. madrid city Says:

    Cuantas ganas de hablar contigo bonita!!,siento mucho lo de tu perrita.Yo cuando estoy muy triste e incluso lloro por algo/alguien, pienso que he sido afortunado muy afortunado, pq si ese dolor es tan terrible, es pq en otro tiempo esa situcaión, esa persona me hizo muy feliz…en ocasiones he llegado(cuando era creyente)a acercarme a la iglesia dar las gracias por aquello, ahora se las doy a la vida y al universo)TQ

  7. MADRID CITY Says:


    BESOS …
    Hay un tiempo para todo
    Hay un tiempo para todo y un tiempo para cada cosa bajo el sol:
    Un tiempo par nacer y un tiempo para morir,
    un tiempo para plantar y un tiempo para arrancar lo plantado;
    un tiempo para matar y un tiempo para curar,
    un tiempo para demoler y un tiempo para edificar;
    un tiempo para llorar y un tiempo para reir,
    un tiempo para lamentarse y un tiempo para bailar;
    un tiempo para arrojar piedras y un tiempo para recogerlas,
    un tiempo para abrazarse y un tiempo para separarse;
    un tiempo para buscar y un tiempo para perder,
    un tiempo para guardar y un tiempo para tirar;
    un tiempo para rasgar y un tiempo para coser,
    un tiempo para callar y un tiempo para hablar;
    un tiempo para amar y un tiempo para odiar,
    un tiempo de guerra y un tiempo de paz.

  8. vanrijngo Says:

    It is hard in losing a friend you consider part of your family. Your story has touched many hearts who have animal and I’m sure they all feel your grief. What do you supposed made you wonder whether by some chance at that moment she thought of you,….

  9. imabradford17875 Says:

    Abdul… interesting post… I’m was writing one on a similar theme (but maybe the opposite angle) this morning – coincidence?I’m not an Apple fanboy and Click

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