What do you teach yourself?

In the last year I have taught myself how the best way to find something when I lose it is to forget about it and go on with my life. 

A few days ago I was trying to find the special glove that we have in the kitchen to handle hot saucepans while cooking and to take things out of the oven. I asked my roommate if she had put it somewhere but she did not know where it was. We looked in the logical places around the kitchen for some minutes until I told her to forget about it because it would end up appearing any time. 

Today I went grocery shopping. I discovered these frozen waffles that you heat in the oven and are ready in a few minutes. As I was buying them I remembered that I had lost the glove and I told myself: ‘I’m going to end up burning my hand’. But I thought I would figure something out. 

I got home and began to take my groceries out of the shopping bags and started putting them in their usual places: the salt on the kitchen counter, the oatmeal near the tea bags, the cottage cheese in the fridge. I took the frozen waffles and opened the door of the freezer; guess what was inside the freezer: yes, the glove. I could not help smiling. (We usually leave the glove on top of the freezer so it must have slipped inside when opening the door and we closed without realizing.) 

Two lessons to bear in mind. The first I already said. The second: when something scares you, do it, because it will bring with itself the way to make it safe.


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