What shall we do with sorrow?


I am reading Vincent Van Gogh’s letters to his brother Theo.  He says that an idea has to become an action not a feeling.  He also uses this expression: ‘active melancholy’. 



3 Responses to “What shall we do with sorrow?”

  1. madridcity Says:

    “La gente dice que encuentra el amor, como si fuera un objeto escondido bajo una piedra. Pero el amor adopta muchas formas y nunca es igual para todos los hombres y mujeres. Lo que la gente encuentra es un determinado amor. ..” Mitch Albom

  2. vanrijngo Says:

    One of Vincent’s most inspirational drawings of Sien, the woman he loved, along with her two off springs. Just have yourselves a few looks at his earlier works of art,… and of his drawings of them. The only alternative which Vincent was left with by his loving brother Theo the art dealer,… and the minister of our lord,… his loving father… You leave this good for nothing hoe and and her kids,.. or else,…. there will be no more money or of family support ever again. At that time this was the only money coming in for help with Vincent’s art career, and still leaving them all of having to go quite often to the soup kitchens.

  3. vanrijngo Says:

    If you art loving people had the vision of Vincent,… you would see Sein embracing and kissing him goodbye,… just as this artist had portrayed them both in this drawing. Sien was a strong woman and was saddened that her lover and rescuer had to leave her and her kids due to his lack of means of support.

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