Why is our way suddenly closed?

In the early summer I was studying for my Arabic exam during the weekends and in the afternoon I noticed that there was this kind of wasp coming inside my room for a number of days. It flew inside and up towards the ceiling landing on a kind of grey thing that was attached to a pipe. My mind was telling me that the grey little thing might be something not supposed to be there but I preferred to think it was just that the paint of the pipe was coming off.  

One evening I got scared from the wasp and closed the window. I was so frightened when I watched how that creature persistently tried to come inside the room but found its way blocked by the glass. I started to reconsider what the grey thing might be. 

I talked about this with some friends on a Saturday night and decided to buy strong insect repellent to kill the stubborn wasp by putting the liquid on the grey thing. I got to the pharmacy (at 3:00am) and spent some time looking at the different kinds of products. I realized the ‘grey thing’ was a wasp nest. My thoughts rushed inside my head like a rollercoaster: ‘A wasp nest inside my bedroom’; ‘I’ve been sleeping with that thing for a month’; ‘What am I going to do at 3:00am on a Saturday night?’; ‘Am I just exaggerating and I should just sleep there and wait until tomorrow to call the super?’  The instructions on the products were not helping my paranoia: ‘Kills the queen that starts the colony’ (so that weird kind of wasp was no less than ‘the Queen’); ‘Place traps in early Spring to catch the Queens and help prevent yellow jacket problems in the season. Use additional traps in the Summer and Fall to catch the workers’ (or was it just a worker?); ‘Kills larvae and pupae in nests’. 

I kept repeating to myself as I was walking back home: ‘A wasp nest inside a bedroom’….. 

The super removed the nest. I think there was nothing inside yet and the construction was just ‘in progress’.  

I thought about how this wasp had found an open entrance to a room for many days in a row. I leave my window open early in the morning when I leave for work and only close it late at night. I also thought about the insect’s reaction when it suddenly found that the way to its nest was closed. I imagined how it went back to the colony and somehow communicated to them that they had to start all over somewhere else or that this season they could count with one nest less.  

But mostly I thought about how the reason for the window being closed is logical for me and impossible for the wasp to comprehend. 

I thought that sometimes in our lives we suddenly find our way blocked and we are not able to understand why. Maybe the explanation is not reachable for us. Maybe we were building our life in a place that was not supposed to be.


4 Responses to “Why is our way suddenly closed?”

  1. Madrid City Says:

    Y al no ver ese límite no dejamos de volver a dar una y otra vez con nuestra cabeza en el cristal , volvemos a caer y a levantarnos, hasta que un solidario personaje nos indica que ese espacio no se puede traspasar .Aún así una vez más volveremos a dar contra ese muro transparente y hasta que no asimilemos esa realidad, obstinados y obsesivos como somos……..


  2. Amplitudvisible Says:

    Gracias por el feedback del post….me alegra ver que esta vez me he expresado transparente.

    Y gracias por el feedback del papel en la nevera. A pesar de que estudio Árabe hace poco tiempo fui capaz de utilizar lo que sabía para llenarlo de sentimientos que han estado fórmandose en mí desde hace años. Me salió solo. Fue un placer escribirlo.

  3. fanciber Says:

    I have spent very good time reading this text. Thank you and congratulations…. You should write posts more often….

  4. Amusing Firefly Says:

    That’s damn scary! I would have moved to a hotel immediately.

    But I would like to make a connection with something that we talked about the other day. The wasp has a very limited understanding: leave for collecting nectar in the morning, come back at sunset to the nest, all the while trying escape the usual cobwebs and predatory birds. But nothing complicated, simple natural survival instincts. What it doesnt understand is that the place it has chosen for a nest is fatal. Soon the human occupant of the room will discover that there is a wasp nest and will kill it. But in your case, the human on the other hand, being of a much higher understanding, decided to close the window instead of killing the wasp in the nest. Now, on the face of it the closure of the window is terrible tragedy for the wasp, but in fact it is actually life-saving in the larger scheme of things. But that is something that the wasp would never be able to understand, simply because its ability to comprehend is limited, period. It just doesnt have the broader comprehension that other creatures on this planet have.

    Similarly, perhaps we humans are like wasps in the larger scheme of things. We must never be arrogant enough to think that we can understand, or even have the capacity to understand the answer to everything in this world and beyond, much less have a correct answer.

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