What do you see out of your window?

I asked that question some time ago and the other person thought it was a weird disturbing thing to ask. I still don’t understand that reaction. 

Recently somebody was asking me if I liked my house and we started a conversation on the importance of liking one’s place. I found myself saying ‘I think what you see outside your house is more important than what there is inside; although it sounds paradoxical’. And the other person said. ‘Well, that is precisely how you are’. 

I think what I see out of my window in my present bedroom is kind of artistic. I’ve been making sketches. I’ll try to scan them and post them. 

I watched a documentary on Van Gogh last week and in one of his letters he says something like this: ‘Painters are so aware of what they see with their eyes that they don’t really take care of the rest of their lives’.


3 Responses to “What do you see out of your window?”

  1. Celina Says:

    That Van Gogh comment is intense. It reminds me of the zone some of us get into while at work or in our personal lives, when we forget the lunch we need to eat, or the bathroom break we need to take, or that stretch your body needs. I guess painters are in that zone more than many of us 😉

    The question of whether what you see outside your window is more important than what you see in, is a very interesting one. If what you see outside your window is more hopeful than what you see inside your window, it may give you more strength to deal. But sometimes we get too caught up in the thoughts that are rumbling inside our heads, that even a scene of more comfort or more freedom may not be able to dislodge us from the all the consuming mental pain or stress we are feeling…or whatever physical or emotional pain we are facing inside that window.

    I think you have to be aware of what is outside your window, if it is better than what’s inside, in order for it to have positive effects on you.

    But we’re all different, so what works for one may not work for another…That’s my 2 cents!

  2. MoiFab Says:

    To be aware of what is out is important and necessary, but what you see out of your window shall never makes you loose the perspective of what is in your own place… otherwise something could be burned…

    Though sometimes going into that zone, far from the reality, could help us to go through our fares and pains, that’s only a temporal solution, and at the end we shall face our life…

  3. Barco Amarte Says:

    Miramos por la ventana y convertimos el lugar en el que vivimos en nuestra casa, temprano vemos el sol emprendiendo su camino, el quiosco de periódicos comienza un nuevo día de cambios, la mujer paseando su perro, los niños que van al colegio, y cuando atravesamos la puerta, convertimos la calle por la que andamos en nuestra vida. La ventana nos abre el camino hacia la vida.

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